Austin, TX - Day 3

Sunday was the day everyone had been waiting for - race day.

Getting to the track a little after the sun was rising, we were greeted with calm weather, clear skies, and the sounds of the techs in each team's paddock and tent making final adjustments before the day got going.

Having spent many hours on Saturday getting used to the 600mm Sigma and carefully picking out my shooting spots, I felt comfortable in knowing that I wouldn't be scrambling at the last minute trying to figure out this monster of a lens or finding a better spot to shoot from. Using the Moto3 and Moto2 races as dry-runs, I was able to make some final adjustments as well, much like the techs in the paddocks. 

Once Moto2 finished, I was eagerly awaiting my first shooting location for the start of the GP race. Having never used a lens with this focal length in the sun, I was starting to realize new elements that come into play with shooting with focal length. Heatwaves rising off the tarmac were more pronounced at this distance, causing unwanted blurs and reduced sharpness. Any amount of wind would cause my D750 with this giant lens, mounted to a monopod, to sway. Even with the lens' OS turned to its highest setting, some shots were still ruined by motion blur.

After an race filled with moving from location to location to location, it was great to finally be able to put my camera down and enjoy the last few laps of the race. Marquez remained the King of CoTA, with Rossi and Pedrosa tailing close behind.

Exhausted from race day, we grabbed some food at the Oasis restaurant in Austin, and caught one of their famous sunsets over the lake.

Cam DiCeccaComment