California - Day Six

Our final day on the West Coast, and words can hardly describe how exhausted we were.

A life-long goal of mine has always been to touch the Pacific Ocean, as well as to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.

We made our final departure from our Airbnb and headed towards Half Moon Bay, in search of some of that glorious Pacific Ocean water.

Arriving at the beach in Half Moon Bay, we were greeted by some of the thickest fog I've ever seen. A quick run to the water, and I could finally cross the Pacific Ocean off of my list. A few surfers suited up and headed out to the raging surf, as we took one last look at the ocean, and proceeded to cruise up the Pacific Coast Highway.

After making a quick stop at BMW Cycles of San Fransisco, we headed back to Oakland, dropped off our car, and hit the skies.

Six days, over 70+ miles hiked, and over 5,000 pictures, it's safe to say that this trip was a huge success.

Off to the next one!

Cam DiCeccaComment