California - Day Four

The morning after Day Three proved to be a rough one, as we had already accumulated around 40 miles and hiked roughly 11,000 feet in elevation - needless to say, we were exhausted.

Our fourth day ended up being an easy one, with a quick (but drenching) hike along the Merced River onto the Mist Trail, putting us right next to Vernal Falls. "Mist" was certainly an understatement for this one. On the return, we back-tracked to The Fen to enjoy lunch in a meadow that was greener than The Hulk.

Anticipating a late-afternoon thunderstorm in the Valley, we walked around the Valley floor for a while, and hobbled back to our car to make our way back to Sonora. Trying to beat the storm and complete a few necessary pit-stops, we took a drive back up to Glacier Point, stopping at Tunnel View to get another handful of jaw-dropping views.

The storm seemed to fizzle out pretty quickly, but thankfully we were left with some awesome views for our drive back to the Airbnb.

Cam DiCeccaComment