Washington - Day 4

Our fourth day in Washington, our second day of hiking, and our first time in Olympic National Park.

Traveling for 6+ miles of muddy, dirt roads to our first trail head, we aimed to reach the top of Marmott Pass. Hiking through a rain forest was eerily calming, the water dripping from every tree, the spurts of rain, the fog - not to mention the fallen trees with their orange lumbar contrasting the dark green and brown forest floor. Knowing the severe fog wouldn't let up any time soon, we turned back 3/4 of the way to the end, sparing us of a long-winded fog-filled view. 

After a quick lunch stop, we headed to Hurricane Hill, and although we made it to the top, our views were yet again washed out by the fog.

Not for nothing, though, the fog can make any scene into the most dramatic hike ever!

Cam DiCeccawashingtonComment