Washington - Day 5

Five days into our trip, and our legs are starting to feel it.

Today was meant to be on the easier side, with only two main hikes planned.

Our first hike brought us back to Mt. Rainier to hike on the Skyline Trail. Following a long, winding paved road up for almost two miles, the heavy fog was the deciding factor into us turning back. Aside from the fog, the views were second-to-none, and gave off a strong "where the hell are we?!" and "Lord-of-the-Rings-middle-earth" vibe. Totally worth the hike.

After grabbing some lunch, we ventured back down the mountain in search of a mythical (not really) suspension bridge. Starting off on a closed road and walking down an abandoned dirt road for a mile or two, we set off on the Tahoma Creek trail, which was marked by scattered pieces of red fabric tied to various branches along the way.

Hoping we were making all correct navigational choices, as soon as we were on the verge of turning back, we finally made it to our destination - a crazy-long suspension bridge spanning a rocky, powerful creek bed. Hopping over the missing planks in the bridge, we traversed to the other side, and headed back to the car.

Most bridge stories aren't cool, and this one is no exception. Standing on a suspension bridge for the first time though... I mean... I thought it was cool, okay?

Cam DiCeccawashingtonComment