Talbot Wedding

Having never shot a wedding before, I was thrilled when I was asked if I wanted to shoot for an hour or so at a colleague's venue.

Working with another local photographer, my main responsibility was to capture the last hour of the wedding, which was primarily covering the dance floor. 

This was definitely a change of pace for me, though. Coming from typically shooting casual, every-day subjects, there was an unfamiliar feeling of pressure in knowing that some of these moments would be looked back on by the families at the wedding for years and years.

In addition to the sight pressure of not missing an important moment, keeping a synchronized pace with the ceremony itinerary proved to be another drastic change from my normal shooting style. 

Overall, this was nothing but a great learning experience. The momentum and pace of the wedding ensured I was always on the lookout for a memorable shot in the making, and with so many fast-moving subjects, it was crucial to know how to change your focus modes, focus points, exposure, and other critical settings on the fly.

Oh, and the prime rib for dinner was just icing on the cake.

Cam DiCeccaComment