Yosemite - Day 3

Yosemite - Day 3


May 15, 2016


With muscles aching and feet falling apart, we stumbled our way through our second day in Yosemite in hopes of getting to the top of the tallest waterfall in North America.

At just over eight miles round-trip, Upper Yosemite Falls proved to be a lengthy - but very rewarding - hike. Eating a much-deserved lunch while sitting on the side of a cliff, we were spoiled with views of the entire valley, all while being flanked by El Capitan on our right.

After making it back down to the valley floor, we wandered a few measly miles towards Mirror Lake, but reluctantly gave up after it not being where we thought it was - someone must've moved it on us!

With the sun dropping fast, we hurried back to the car and headed towards Taft Point for some acrophobia-inducing sunset pictures. Realizing that we underestimated the distance to Taft Point, we found ourselves without our gear, mildly wandering through the Yosemite wilderness - but it sure was worth it. Standing on the edge of Taft Point, looking down thousands of feet into the valley really drove the point home of how small we really are.

Hurrying back to the car, we scurried a few minutes down the road to get some night pictures of Half Dome from Glacier Point. Even though the sun had set, Half Dome was still completely visible, surrounded by what looked like an infinite amount of stars. Definitely an amazing way to spend one of our busiest days in the park.